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Gardena Original Products ...

You can rest assured when you buy Original GARDENA System fittings and hoses. Manufactured to the exacting standards you expect of the GARDENA brand, each hose or fitting represents excellent value for money. Absolute Quality from start to finish, they are purpose-built for the right application with reliability and performance in mind. It's for these reasons you simply won't find in GARDENA products the typical problems common to other hoses and fittings.

The Gardena Original system is recognised as the leader in watering solution for the following reasons:

- Long lasting, reliable quality
- Does not leak, prevents water loss and saves money
- Excellent ease of use
- Safe and dependable operation
- Innovative solutions
- Comprehensive range of connection options
- A quality brand you can trust

Everything connects from start to finish and stays
water tight.

World of Gardena has a connector for every application, click Gardena Original Products to view the complete range of Gardena connectors for your Gardena Originakl System.

Click Gardena Nozzles to view the complete range of Gardena Nozzles for your Gardena Original hose. Gardena offers ergonomic spray models with various water-jet types for different watering situations: Soft spray, mist spray, bubble or hard jet.

Click Gardena Sprayers to find a Gardena Sprayer that is sure to fit your purpose.

High-Quality, Durable Gardena Hoses ...

To have a complete Original GARDENA System solution, then the only hose to use is a high-quality and durable GARDENA hose. The Gardena hose range has been designed to suit every type of domestic watering application & environment. From the reliable Classic to the ultimate feel & performance of Skintech Premium - select the hose that best matches your needs or desires. Our fitted hose sets are the only hoses to come complete with Original GARDENA System fittings. The water-saving water stop connector included conserves water by automatically stopping the flow each time you disconnect or change your accessory at the end of the hose.