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Promote growth. Regulate. Green.

Promote growth. Regulate. Green. That's good for your trees! Large and old trees are the kings of every garden. Nothing characterises a garden more than its trees. Sometimes they are older than the house they belong to. Only the right care in advance can keep these trees healthy so that they harmonise with the other elements of the garden.

Young trees have an entirely dif ferent charm: planting a tree is one of the most rewarding tasks a garden owner can undertake. By doing so, one designs the future of the garden - sometimes for the next generation, sometimes for an entire century. Young trees require a great deal of care and attention. Their growth needs to be supported; much depends on this, particularly in the case of fruit-trees. But also bushes are individual personalities and characterise the look of the garden below the tree-tops. To keep bushes down to size, care measures such as trimming and pruning should be regularly and consistently carried out.

To enjoy beautifully dense trees and bushes, huge efforts are no longer necessary. GARDENA offers you a complete range of ergonomic tools for tree- and bush care. Whether you need to cut branches or cut down a tree - you can always expect two things from GARDENA: greater comfort and less effort.

Gardena Branch Pruners

From trunk to tree-top: the right tool for every task. GARDENA has the ideal solutions for all sawing- and cutting work for the home and garden: with the GARDENA combisystem and the GARDENA StarCut, you can work powerfully, comfortably and safely from the ground - and that with thick branches and logs or high trees and thick shrubs.

Plant. Care. Cut. Gardena Secateurs.

Cut ting for a beautiful garden. With fi reworks of colours and shapes, and an enthralling scent, fl owers render your garden a true oasis of life enjoyment. Dense and bushy shrubs are particularly beautiful and striking. Nature's palette offers you nearly unlimited possibilities for experimenting with the effects of colours and shapes.

With GARDENA, you can make your garden dreams come true and give your shrubs and fl owers lively accents. The planting of flowers and shrubs of the most various combinations gives your garden that individual note. There are, of course, no limits to your imagination. With GARDENA, you make your garden a personal work of art. The various plants accompany you throughout the entire year - from the first messengers of spring to the sea of blossoms in late spring.

Cared-for flower beds and shrubs make your garden a real attraction in summer and leave in autumn with a colourful wave. Every gardener has his or her own specific ideas of how the own garden should at some point look. But regardless of what kind of wishes you have: with the right care and appropriate tools by GARDENA - you can realise them all both in larger and smaller spaces.

Gardena Saws

Like the rest of the Gardena Range, Gardena Saws provide the quaility and durability you have come to expect. Ergonomically designed with high-quality components, it is no wonder these saws are the chouce for many gardening professionals.

The Right Trim. Progress for your hedges.

During cutting back, all branches or twigs are shortened to twothird of their original length. targeted cutting back stimulates plant growth. This leads to strong new growth and creates dense hedges out of a row of single plants. To avoid harming the plants, you should always use cutting tools with sharp blades. Timing is also key for the perfect cut: depending on the type of hedge, the right time lies between spring and autumn.

Trimming is one of the most important gardening tasks of all. That's why your work should be as easy and efficient as possible. Good thing that GARDENA tools are ideally suited for your preferences. Regardless whether you would like to work especially filigree or to save time - with the mechanical and electrical Hedge Trimmers by GARDENA, you'll be perfectly equipped for every task.

Innovative Technology for Optimal Cutting Power

For your tree and shrub care, you should regularly remove aged or dead twigs and branches. Here, the right loppers are already half the solution. GARDENA offers you the right tool for every application. You'll be able to bring older trees and shrubs into shape or correct them to the desired size.

The GARDENA Pruning Loppers guarantee optimal cutting performance together with a high degree of handling comfort - from trunk to tree-top. Extra-sharp, precision-ground blades and specially hardened blades made of high-quality materials ensure precise work and clean results. The ergonomically formed handles spare the hands, joints and arms. Comfort, power and highest efficiency - made by GARDENA.