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How to plan your Micro Drip system

Never used Micro Drip before? Use the Gardena Micro Drip Planner Tool to work out what you need.
You can access it here: Micro Drip System Planner

Read these handy guides to help you set up your system and ensure you have enough water pressure
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View the new edition Guide for 2017

Sprinkle. Spray. Drip.

Water brings life to your garden.

Your garden decorates your house. It's a place to relax and feel good. To ensure that plants and lawns stay green and healthy even under dry, hot temperatures, the right watering is essential. For the four areas - retrieve water, control, transport and deliver - GARDENA offers you perfect solutions.

You can water your garden and plants with a minimum of time and effort, and a maximum of comfort - by hand, or partially- or fully automatic. As you wish. GARDENA has the right product for every preference and requirement: our pumps, water computers, hoses and hose trolleys, nozzles, spray lances and sprinklers of fer you best ergonomics and easy use!

For your lawns, take a sprinkler or the Pop-Up Sprinklersystem. You can conveniently water beds, border plants, terrace- and balcony plants with a spray lance or, for a more targeted effect, with the Micro-Drip-System. In this way, your garden will receive just as much water as it needs - and you'll have more time to relax in the garden.

Regardless whether it is raining, the sun is shining or you are on holiday - the GARDENA computer-controlled irrigation systems always supply your garden with the right amount of water. You'll also make an important contribution to responsible treatment of water as a valuable resource. A professional irrigation system employs water efficiently and conserves it, and can be fed with rainwater from tanks or cisterns. World of Gardena is here to make this all a reality.

The GARDENA MICRO-DRIP SYSTEM encompasses the Gardena Watering Philosophy. The system is available in an easy to use STARTER KIT. This is a perfect place to start, giving you the essential elements of the MICRO-DRIP System to get you started. After this it is simple matter of adding to your system as you see fit.

World of Gardena stocks the complete range of 4.6mm attachments, hoses and fittings for your Gardena MICRO-DRIP System; along with the range 13mm connecting pipes, connectors and attachments for your Gardena MICRO-DRIP System

World of Gardena is also able to supply Master Units, Spray Nozzles and Drip Heads for your Gardena MICRO-DRIP System

GARDENA Watering Controls and Timers

GARDENA watering controls and timers: Adapted to the gardeners needs. There is a timer to suit most applications from the 2hr dial timer to the modern attractive design of the water computer with calendar function.