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Let it rain! Gardena Sprinklers

Explore the World of Gardena range of Gardena mobile sprinklers for various lawn types and sizes.

Your lawn will shine! Gardena Lawnmowers

Lawn mowing is one of the most important elements of lawn care. A well-cared for lawn needs more than regular mowing. For a healthy lawn you should remove grass thatch and moss at least twice a year, best is spring and autumn. Targeted fertilisation additionally guarantees dense turf. Your lawn will become dense, splendidly green and weed-free with the right care and the right GARDENA products. Your lawn will thank you.

Sow and Grow! Gardena Spreaders

Gardena spreaders will make your garden grow this summer with with practical dosage container for easy spreading of fertiliser and grass seeds.

Lawn edges: the Perfect Edge for Every Lawn.

The lawnmower is not enough for neat lawn edges. GARDENA provides simple solutions for a well-maintained, groomed lawn. Any excess grass is quickly and easily trimmed using the convenient hand held Grass Shears. Mechanical Shears are suited particularly for around beds and patios.