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We recommend you watch the excellent video above to ensure you make the most out of Gardena irrigation.
The Gardena Irrigation system features 25mm fittings and connecting pipe.

Gardena Connected

Still confused? Gardena have a handy system planner to help you decide what you need.

Your Gardena Watering system needs to be fully connected to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Only use Genuine Gardena connectors and connecting pipe to ensure you get the most efficient and reliable irrigation for your Garden

Water Timers and Controls

Carry out watering manually or with a timer - and conserve the environment. The best part: with the water-conserving sensor technology you can also control your irrigation via the rain or soil moisture sensors.

Gardena Pop-Up Sprinklers

Permanently-installed Pop-Up Sprinklers for convenient lawn irrigation. At water pressure, spray nozzles rise up above ground and disappear back down again after their work is done.

Gardena Flexible Fittings

Your Garden is unique. There will never be a 'one-sized-fits-all' watering solution for every lawn. Gardena recognise this and offer a huge range of fittings to satisfy even the most inventive of waterers! Now you can truly tailor your Gardena Watering System to suit your property.