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One Handle For All Tools: GARDENA Combisystem

Whether weeding, aerating and loosening the soil or raking up leaves, weeds or grass clippings - you'll always be making good ground with the GARDENA combisystem! Ranging from hoes, through brooms, all the way to cultivators and rakes - these high-quality garden tools impress with their ease of use
and high convenience. In addition, the range of handles optimally matched to every application ensures that all the combisystem products can be extended to suit personal needs. And best of all: With the GARDENA combisystem only one handle is needed and you can simply exchange the tools.

Rakes, Brooms & Co. - for simple ground maintenance

The GARDENA combisystem with its wide selection of practical tools ensures thorough and convenient ground maintenance. Specially styled handles and operating elements ensure a perfect ergonomic design. That's why GARDENA tools are smart, handy helpers!

Convenient tools for working on your beds - without getting your hands dirty.

The GARDENA combisystem tools are ideal particularly for all the chores with beds and borders. GARDENA offers exactly the right answer for every job. The ergonomically designed grips and handles and high quality materials make gardening far easier and cleaner.

Revolutionary Cleaning: GARDENA Cleansystem

If you are fed up with scrubbing your car, caravan and regularly washing your house windows, let GARDENA's Cleansystem take the chore out of these tasks and make it fun.

The Cleansystem is revolutionary. It's gentle yet powerful and can remove the most stubborn dirt and grime. It does this by having running water passing from your hose through the handles directly to the cleaning brushes. There is no need for power supply, all you need is water supply and a hosepipe. The tools take up very little space for storage.

Choose a handle and cleaning head to suit your particular task, add a GARDENA care product and you're ready to go… Or choose one of two ready-made kits for car or window cleaning - all handles and heads are completely interchangeable so you can add more to your Cleansystem as you go on

Loosen. Plant. Weed.

Your beds will love it! Thriving, colourful fl ower-beds are the dream of every gardener. A sea of blossoms looks fantastic and brings colour to your garden.

Before planting, the soil must be cultivated. Loose and nutrient-rich soil is the basis for successful gardening. Here, flowers and shrubs will thrive and be more resistant against diseases and parasites. Taking care of your garden soil is worth it! Most important for thriving growth is careful soil cultivation. Good garden tools suitable for this are easy to use and tirefree in handling. With the GARDENA selection of hand tools covers a host items including small rakes, hoes and grubbers. The right GARDENA tools will powerfully support your work. Soil cultivation doesn't have to be diffi cult: with GARDENA, you'll create a nourishing basis for your garden dreams - easily and efficiently!

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