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World of Gardena provide a wide variety of tools for your garden which include the Microdrip and irrigation system as well as general watering systems, garden hoses, rakes, sprinklers and much more.

Dear Gardena Friends,

Every year anew, your garden enthrals you with its trees, hedges, shrubs and beds. Its a place of private freedom, a soothing counterpart to hectic, daily life. Gardena Tools and the Gardena Watering system are here help with the journey.

Your garden lives, and you live with it. All year round. Its various forms, colours and scents enrich your life. But your garden needs to be cared for and cultivated - it needs you; and Gardena!

Gardena will let you find your individual balance - between wild and orderly, functional and aesthetic, between biotope and guest room, sports area and relaxation zone. Continuing the 50-year tradition, Gardena offers you everything you need for optimal garden care. So that you can achieve your personal dream garden easily and almost playfully.

The world of Gardena is the Watering and Garden Tools solution. Whether you would like start, change or just care for your garden: let your own ideas guide you; because your garden should reflect who you are. Whether youre trimming hedges, caring for trees or setting beds - with Gardena, its easy to turn your garden into a paradise. Give it a try.

Welcome to the beautiful side of the garden, Welcome to Gardena.